My name is Scott. I am currently in my mid-50’s, living in the heartland of what I consider to be my hometown. I have a wonderful wife, two grown kids who turned out to be awesomely unique individuals, and three grandchildren who I can’t look at without seeing a bright hope for the future. While my job is not lucrative, it does provide for me and it is a place where I feel appreciated. Accumulation of monetary wealth has never been a strong desire of mine, nor have I ever found it to be any measure of success. While there may be things I desire, I am content with what I have.

That being said, I do notice the world around me. The good and the bad. Often not at the same time, but hopefully it all balances out at some point. I hold no degrees in philosophy, politics, or religion, although I do hold an ordination certificate as an esoteric minister. I do however believe that my life experiences and self-absorbed knowledge give me unique insights concerning the state of the world in which I reside. And that’s mainly what this blog is about, sharing those insights in the hopes that it will add something positive in the course of human events. Hopefully I will add some much needed civil input and discourse to what I often see as a chaotic chorus of voices and opinions, but on occasion something may piss me off to the point of sounding like a raving lunatic.

Much of what I say will definitely not be agreed on, at least by some people, and that is okay. In fact, it is to be expected. I will challenge people’s conceptions and beliefs, and have no issue at all with having my own challenged. I will not respond to juvenile attacks or other such bullying tactics, but a battle of ideologies and perceptions will be met head on. Comments are allowed and welcomed here. As a staunch free speech advocate, there is EXTREMELY little that would be removed by me. If you want to act like a closed minded idiot, I’m more than willing to give you the necessary rope needed to hang yourself.

If anyone wishes, I can be contacted through email at sowilommxv@gmail.com or you can use the contact form below:


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